Brazil.- The Brazilian Supreme Court has given Telegram 24 hours to report on its new representative on legal matters.

File – March 18, 2022, Asuncion, Paraguay: Illustration: Application icon of Telegram in the App Store, with the clipped waving flag of Brazil in the background. – Europa Press/Contact/Andre M. Chang – Archive


Brazil’s Supreme Court has given messaging platform Telegram a 24-hour period to notify its new legal representative, after attorney Alan Campos Elias Thomaz stopped serving the company.

Supreme Court justice Alexandre de Moraes said, “The lawyer (Alan Campos) has submitted several documents informing about the resignation of powers previously granted, and there is no news that Telegram has appointed another representative in Brazil.”

In this regard, he stated that if a successor is not named, Telegram services in Brazil will be suspended for the first 48 hours, and the company may be fined 500,000 Brazilian reais (93,308 euros) per day. O Balloon.

This came after Brazilian authorities opened an investigation into Google and Telegram executives for attacks on the ‘fake news’ bill in the Brazilian Congress.

In fact, Telegram had to pull a message that misinformed the bill from its service in Brazil, thus avoiding a suspension by the country’s Supreme Court and economic penalties for every hour that passed through rectification.

Brazilian officials have maintained a strained relationship in recent months with the courier company, which they urged to control the spread of misinformation during the election period.

Source: Noti Merica

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