Sudan.- Sudanese Ministry of Defense calls for re-arming of retired soldiers as a protection measure

CAIRO, May 8, 2023 — This photo, taken on April 15, 2023, shows smoke rising over Khartoum, Sudan’s capital. – Europa Press/Contact/Mohamed Khıdır


Sudan’s Ministry of Defense has ordered all its retired soldiers to rearm as a means of protecting themselves and their families, according to a statement released Friday.

In the memo collected by the Al Hadath chain, the Sudanese Ministry said “urban violence knows no deadline” and condemned retired soldiers and their families as “rebels,” referring to paramilitaries, despite ongoing negotiations between the Army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which have contributed to de-escalation, particularly in the capital Khartoum. warns that they may become victims of “forces”.

In the same statement, the Ministry of Defense accuses the RSF of attacks on international embassies and United Nations headquarters in Khartoum.

Riyadh and Washington reiterated their commitment to the Sudanese people on Tuesday and demanded that both sides “fulfill their commitments” as part of a temporary humanitarian ceasefire that began Monday. break the temporary cessation of hostilities.

Source: Noti Merica

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