USA/Russia.-Russia summoned several US diplomats to protest the National Security adviser’s stance

File – File image of US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. – Europa Press/Contact/Chris Kleponis – Pool via CN


Russian officials summoned several US diplomats in the country this Friday to convey their protest over the recent statements made by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan about the attacks in Russia’s Belgorod province.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that several members of the US diplomatic mission in Moscow were summoned to protest “the unacceptable statements of Sullivan” which “confirm the attacks carried out by the armed groups of the Kiev regime against Russia”. area”.

The document states that “assurances by senior American officials that the United States does not encourage such attacks against Russia are hypocritical and false.” The text emphasizes that “there is direct material evidence of the use of US-supplied weapons and equipment.”

For this reason, he described “the hostile actions of the United States, which has been a party to the conflict for a long time, have plunged the relations between the two countries into a deep and dangerous crisis with unforeseen consequences.”

Therefore, he urged Washington to “learn that any aggression against Russia will continue to receive the strongest possible response.”

Source: Noti Merica

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