Andorra Banking warns of phishing attacks via SMS messages

Screenshot of one of the fraudulent messages – ANDORRA POLICE


Andorran banks association Andorran Banking (which brings together Andbank, MoraBanc and Creand) warned this Friday that phishing attacks are taking place against customers of the country’s banking institutions.

In a statement, it reported that it involved sending SMS messages impersonating banks in an attempt to “fraudulently obtain online banking credentials.”

Explaining that phishing attacks affect other companies and institutions in the country as well as bank customers, the association recommends paying attention to the notices sent by banks, police and other companies.


Note that if a message is received from the client asking him to enter his own organization’s website, it must be “immediately deleted and in no case” to access the link.

If someone clicks on the link and enters their data, they should change their online banking password “as soon as possible” and contact their organization’s customer service.

The association says it will always “never enter” data upon an email or SMS request, because banks never request data via these means.


Andorran Banking points out some signs that can raise suspicions of phishing: messages that aren’t sent in a personalized way to the recipient, use colloquial language, or “try to express urgency” to force the user to enter their data quickly. .

Therefore, it considers not to be trapped as “very important” and if you have any doubts, call the contact phone number of the institution to see if the message received is safe.

He adds that the theft and fraud cases in the accounts of criminals are carried out through social networks such as WhatsApp or the SMSs that the person receives directly, whether he is a customer of the organization or not.

Source: Noti Merica

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