Senegalese Government says it will protect public order “whatever it takes” Before Sonko’s trip to Dakar

Archive – President of Senegal Macky Sall – Gehad Hamdy/dpa – File


The Senegalese Government stressed that it will work to maintain public order. “whatever it takes”After opposition leader Ousmane Sonko stated that he would go to the capital, Dakar, “Final Fight” within the framework of the lawsuit filed against him for alleged rape and death threats.

“Whatever the cost, public order will be maintained.”According to the ActuSen news portal, Executive spokesperson Abdou Karim Fofana said. “We will not allow anyone to cause security problems or disturb the peace of Senegalese.”riveted.

Sonko said on Wednesday he would travel to Dakar after boycotting the hearings against him, for which the Prosecutor’s Office is seeking a ten-year sentence against him. “Neither the prosecutor’s office nor the prosecutor’s office presented any evidence because they did not have it.”Before asking his followers, he said: “mobilize”. “If Sall is successful against Sonko, nothing in this country will stop him. there will be dictatorship”warned.

The lawsuit against Sonko for alleged rape was filed in March 2021, when her rival’s arrest sparked protests by her followers that resulted in the deaths of 15 people and significant property damage. Three more people were killed, including a police officer who was hit by a police car, during demonstrations last week by fans who had gathered at his home to avoid his arrest.

The opposition has condemned several times that the Senegalese president plans to run for a third term. The Senegalese Constitution limits the total number of terms to two, and although the president maintains that it would be legal to go to the polls yet, any attempt to extend his stay in power could lead to instability. approved.

Source: Noti Merica

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