The opposition coalition condemned “illegal arrest” Biram Dah Abeid, abolitionist activist in Mauritania

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He accuses the authorities of coercion. “terror climate” after legislative and local elections


The opposition Coalition of Polo de la Alternancia, “illegal and arbitrary detention” politician and leader of the abolitionist movement, Biram Dah Abeid, accusing the authorities of imposing “terror climate” After the last legislative and local elections held in the African country.

The coalition said in a statement, “strongly condemns” He demanded the arrest and detention of Dah Abeid, head of the Abolitionist Revival Initiative (IRA-Mauritania). “immediate and unconditional release”among others arrested by the security forces.

So he criticized “The path of brutality and terror used by President Mohamed Ould Ghazuani, who will be solely responsible for any escalation that may occur.”before repeating your complaint “rigged elections rejected by the entire political class”.

The Pole of Change Coalition reported that Dah Abeid’s arrest came after a press conference. “He spoke openly of the great fraud in this election simulation (…), warning citizens that the confiscation of universal suffrage poses a danger.”.

Dah Abeid, who was runner-up in the 2019 presidential election, said in the aforementioned statement: “If the results of the legislative, regional and municipal elections to be held on 13 May are approved, the free people of Mauritania will take up arms against the current regime.”.

That’s why Mauritanian Government spokesman Sid’Ahmed Uld Mohamed emphasized on Thursday: “no one is outside the law” and underlined the execution. “It is the guarantor of peace, security and prosperity for Mauritanians.”According to the Mauritanian news portal Cridem.

The coalition also summarized in its statement that the security forces suppressed the attacks. “with unprecedented brutality” to a group of Dah Abeid supporters and members of the Rag party – banned by the authorities – who came together to show their solidarity with the opposition.

“In addition to the large number of injured who were taken to medical centers in the capital, numerous arrests were made, including people with legislative immunity.”He gave details by stating that Dah Abeid’s wife, who was transferred from Nouakchott, was among the detainees, Leila Ahmed Jliva. “abandoned in a place without water and phone”.

El Insaf, the party of the Mauritanian government, won the legislative and municipal elections, according to the results released by the Independent National Election Commission (CENI). Thus, the party took 80 of the 176 seats in Parliament, while its allies gained 36 more seats out of the 24 seats taken by the opposition, nine of which were held by the Tauasul Islamist party.

Insaf also won victories in all regional assemblies and more than half of local assemblies, as defined by opposition parties. “circus of choice”. That’s why they called for mobilization this Thursday and warned that the situation could get worse. “a multidimensional political crisis”.

Uld Ghazuani, 66, has not yet clarified whether he will seek re-election in the presidential elections scheduled for 2024 after coming to power in the 2019 elections with the support of outgoing president Mohamed Uld Abdelaziz. the one he’s estranged from ever since.

Source: Noti Merica

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