Greece.- New ministers take office in Greece and are waiting for new elections

May 21, 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece: An elderly woman is voting at a ballot box in Thessaloniki, Greece. The ballot boxes have been opened for the parliamentary elections in Greece. – Europa Press/Contact/Giannis Papanikos


Greece completed its temporary political transition this Friday, with the inauguration of ministers of the new Government, which aims to guarantee the country’s rule until elections in about a month later. A new and clear political majority must emerge in parliament.

The main parties failed to agree on forming a coalition after the elections last Sunday, which resulted in an interim Executive Board chaired by Judge Ioannis Sarmas, where New Democracy of Kyriakos Mitsotakis won more than 40 percent of the vote, and which has been president until now. of the Court of Accounts.

Sarmas is accompanied by 15 other people who completed the appointment process at the presidential palace on Friday. Greek newspaper ‘Kathimerini’ reports that the spokesperson for this team, Ilias Siakantaris, assured the press that they would work “away from any political affiliation”, but warned that the team would be “fully functional”.

The cabinet has a strong technocrat profile, and Theodore Pelagidis, former vice-president of the central bank, was appointed for the Ministry of Finance. Foreign Affairs was occupied by diplomat Vassilis Kaskarelis, while the Defense portfolio fell to Alkiviadis Stefanis, a former Armed Forces officer currently serving as deputy minister.

Meanwhile, political parties must once again lubricate their electoral machinery for new elections, where a different system will be implemented than on May 21, and once again the party with the most votes will take back the winner. If the results were repeated, the consolidation of New Democracy in Government would be guaranteed.

Source: Noti Merica

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