VIDEO: G7 urges China to pressure Russia to end war in Ukraine

G7 leaders in Ukraine – Europa Press/Contact/Pool /G7 Hiroshima

The leaders’ group announced measures to reduce “over-dependence” on Beijing, but described it as not a “breakout”.


G7 leaders on Saturday urged the Chinese government to pressure Russia to stop the war in Ukraine, in a statement combining their desire to preserve relations with Beijing while awaiting measures to reduce “over-reliance on critical supply chains.” in the case of essential minerals for telecommunications or semiconductors – without reaching a commercial “divergence” with the Asian giant.

“While recognizing the importance of openly and directly expressing our concerns, we stand ready to develop a stable and constructive relationship,” international leaders said in a statement released on the second day of their meeting at the Hiroshima summit (Japan) this Saturday.

The G7 is asking China to “participate in international forums” in various aspects, from environmental protection to trade, including in international conflicts, although it highlights the “challenges” posed by China’s “non-commercial policies that distort the global economy.”

“We urge China to pressure Russia to cease its military aggression and immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its troops from Ukraine,” the G7 leaders say.

“We encourage China to support, through its direct dialogue with Ukraine, a comprehensive, just and lasting peace based on its territorial integrity and the principles and objectives of the UN Charter,” the statement said.

Continuing internationally, the G7 reiterates its position on the status quo in Taiwan, whose sovereignty has been claimed by Beijing for decades, and expresses its strong opposition to China’s “use of force or coercion” expansion in the Indo-Pacific. .

“China has no legal basis to defend its naval claims in the region, and we oppose the militarization of China’s activities,” they point out.

But going back to the big picture, G7 leaders want to emphasize that these policy approaches are “not designed to harm China or hinder efforts for economic progress and development.”

“A growing China governed by international rules will be in the global interest. We are not backing down,” they add, but before stating that the G7 plans to adopt a path of “risk reduction and diversification.”

“We will take individual and collective steps to invest in our own economic viability and reduce over-reliance on critical supply chains,” they announce.


While the G7 statement directly condemned China’s “bad” practices that it sought to “counter,” US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan described the group’s position as “totally frank” and “non-hostile”.

“Direct and candid,” said Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, arguing that Western countries are a good alternative to China and Russia when it comes to partnerships and financing for countries from the West. Southern Hemisphere.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative seemed like a good and cheap proposition. But many countries in the southern hemisphere have had bad experiences with China,” he said, echoing criticism of the enormous indebtedness in many countries of their commitment to this massive infrastructure program, which Beijing categorically rejects.

The United States and the European Union also expressed concern that China will strengthen its diplomatic and strategic presence in regions around the world through the initiative.

“They took loans from China and eventually got into a debt crisis. And all Russia can offer these countries is weapons and mercenaries. This has created a window of opportunity for the G7 and like-minded partners,” von der Leyen said. In statements to .

European sources tell the German agency the G7 is starting to operate under a new “sense of realism” in relations with China. “We can’t be naive anymore,” he said after complaining about the “lack of attention” that has been exhibited over the past two decades in dealing with these “critical supply chains” with Beijing.



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