Thailand.- The Avanzar party is negotiating with the Thai Senate to confirm its leader is the new prime minister

18 May 2023, Bangkok, Thailand: Prime Minister candidate and Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat was seen at the press conference of 8 pro-democracy parties in Thailand in Bangkok. Thailand leads 8 coalition b of pro-democracy parties – Europa Press/Contact/Peerapon Boonyakiat


Avanzar, the Thai party that won the country’s last general election alongside opposition Pheu Thai, is confident the bipartisan coalition will have the support of the former military junta-dominated Senate to confirm its leader. , Pita Limjaroenrat, as the country’s new Prime Minister.

The party’s secretary-general, Chaithawat Tulathon, confirmed that talks have begun this Saturday with the senators — which could hinder the outcome of the election — to assess the senators’ views and concerns. Representatives of the upper house could begin a series of informal meetings between them this Tuesday to clarify their positions.

The opposition coalition needs 376 seats between the two legislatures to approve the prime minister. To get around any hurdles in the Senate, it would have been ideal if he had won all these seats in last Sunday’s election – which is understood to be “general” but is actually limited to the lower house only – but 313 seats were obtained by Avanzazar and Avanzazar and by force. Pheu Thai to speak to the senators.

Chaithawat announced that a “deal” proposal will be published next Monday for the coalition to make its proposals public to senators.

I am confident that some senators will understand our policies better after seeing the memorandum of understanding that all parties in the coalition will approve, and I hope it will help them make constructive decisions that will move our country forward,” said the statement compiled by Bloomberg.

Panorama looks complicated because Avanzar won with a highly progressive program aimed at limiting the powers of an untouchable monarchy. In fact, Bhumjaithai, the third most voted party, has already suggested that it has no intention of supporting Pita, and even Pheu Thai has suggested that the issue should be discussed in Parliament.

Another hurdle Avanzar has been trying to overcome in the last hours was the open debate after he invited his junior Chartpattanakla party to join his coalition; Avanzar withdrew his invitation shortly after, a decision that angered opposition party supporters given that Chartpattanakla leader Korn Chatikavanij was a former MP who voted after the 2019 election to keep the then junta leader and later the country’s prime minister, Prayuth Chan Ocha, in power.

Source: Noti Merica

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