Venezuelan opposition holds primary elections on October 22 to choose a single electoral candidate

MADRID, February 15 (EUROPA PRESS) –

In a bid to gain power against Chavizmo, the Venezuelan opposition has announced the primary elections to be held next October 22, in which it wishes to select a single candidate for future presidential elections.

The National Primary Commission will be responsible for organizing this appointment. Its President, Jesús María Casal, announced in a public action that the board, with the support of opposition leaders such as Juan Guaidó or Henrique Capriles, will work for the credibility of the entire process.

According to statements released by the commission itself, Casal aims to achieve “enhanced legitimacy” based on “the common illusion of political change”. Among the issues still to be clarified is whether there will be any cooperation with institutions such as the National Electoral Council, which is controlled by the Nicolás Maduro government.

Guaidó, who has not yet clarified whether he will participate in this process after being removed from the leadership of the opposition National Assembly in January, celebrated on Twitter the announcement of the date “to reunite the country and rekindle hope in Venezuela”.

The main opposition groups in Venezuela refused to participate in the last elections due to the lack of democratic guarantees, but set themselves the goal of restoring the lost momentum, taking into account future processes to be determined on the calendar.

The only candidate is a recurring request from prominent leaders. In the 2012 and 2013 presidential elections, it is not surprising that Capriles, the opposition candidate at the time, was close first to Hugo Chávez and then to Maduro.

Source: Noti Merica

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