Iran, Syria condemn US attack on pro-Iranian militia

21 March 2023, Syria, Syria, Syrian Arab Republic: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received the chairman of the Iranian Foreign Relations Council Kemal Harrazi on 22 March 2023 in Damascus. – Europa Press/Communication/Syrian Presidency


Iran and Syria have condemned the US attack on pro-Iranian militias that killed at least 19 people, including three Syrian soldiers, in response to allegations that a US contractor was killed in an Iranian attack.

“Any excuse to attack the bases that the Syrian government has set up to deal with terrorism and Islamic State agents in this country will be met immediately,” said Keivan, spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council. Published by the IRNA agency.

Following the attack, pro-Iranian militias fired seven missiles at a US military base in northeast Syria, but no deaths or significant damage were reported.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the other hand, accused the USA of continuing to “steal Syrian oil”, condemned the “violent attack” and announced that they would put an end to the “US occupation”, according to HEALTHY. Agency.

Biden, who wanted to de-escalate the tension after the attacks, emphasized that the United States is not seeking a conflict with Iran, but is ready to act decisively to protect its people. The United Nations, on the other hand, insisted on the need to de-escalate tensions in Syria and urged foreign agents on its territory to “be cautious”.

Source: Noti Merica

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