AMP.-Venezuela.- Venezuelan authorities report 25 detainees and 11 people with arrest warrants for corruption in PDVSA


Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab reported this Saturday that there are 25 more people arrested for corruption plots at state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and 11 others with arrest warrants.

Saab stressed that the suspects, PDVSA and National Crypto Assets Supervision (Sunacrip) officials are recruiting young people to legitimize the capital “in the best style of the soap opera drug mafia”.

In the case of the so-called PDVSA-Crypto network, the authorities used their positions and levels of authority to run oil operations parallel to that of PDVSA.

“This was done through the allocation of crude oil cargoes on ships to Sunacrip and individuals by that state company, in violation of regulations, without any administrative control or guarantee,” the prosecutor said.

A lawsuit was filed against 10 civil servants, 11 businessmen, 3 judges and a mayor on charges of “seizing or distracting public property, spreading or using influence, money laundering and forming an association”. Saab explained, according to the Venezuelan press.

Among the detained officials, Antonio José Pérez Suárez, vice president of trade and procurement of PDVSA, who appears to be the main head of the corruption structure, stands out. Joselit Camacho, national head of crypto assets, and former AN MP Hugbel Rafael Roa, who later took advantage of his parliamentary status to manage the assignment of crude oil cargo contracts to non-paying operators, were also detained.

José Agustín Ramos, Yamil Alejandro Martínez, Eduardo José Borgones, Henrys Chapellín and Jesús Enrique Salazar, PDVSA’s vice president of trade and supplies, were also arrested. Rahid Alberto Mosqueda and Renys Gerardo Barrientos from the digital mining and related processes administration were also arrested.

Named businessmen include Manuel Meneses, Roger Martínez, the Rafael and Roger Perdomo brothers, Daniel Prieto, Cristofer Barrios, Johana Torres, Alejandro Arroyo, Bernardo Arosio, Fernando Bermúdez and Leonardo Torres.

Pedro José Hernández Inojosa, mayor of Santos Michelena in Aragua state, was also arrested for allegedly providing funding and support “with Venezuelan State resources, parties, public events and logistical supplies for criminal groups”.

Finally, the arrested members of the judiciary are Cristóbal Cornieles Perret, President of the Criminal Court of Caracas; José Mascimino Márquez García, competent judge in cases related to terrorism crimes; and Yorwis Bracho Gómez for taking advantage of their position to provide legal aid.

The list of suspects with arrest warrants includes brothers Afonso Juan Manuel and Manuel Ramón, William Rivas, Ximena Parada, Eduardo Noriega, José Luis Ferrandiz, Olvani Gaspary, Raylin Yépez, Rodolfo Moleiro, Alejandro Londoño and Yuravic Ravelo.


Following the prosecutor’s remarks, Diosdado Cabello, vice-president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), declared that the government was “willing to oppose corruption whatever (necessary) it may be”.

Those who steal the nation’s money to pocket it are traitors, because that money should go to work, health, education, and take care of our people,” he said. authorities have taken a “step forward” to search for alleged criminals “wherever they are”.

In this sense, there are consequences to facing this situation, “but none of them” should stop Venezuela “when it comes to facing those who steal money from the people.” He is a traitor who steals people’s money and puts it in his pocket, because that money should go to work, health, education, and take care of our people.

Source: Noti Merica

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