Thousands of ecologists demonstrate against agricultural dams in Sainte-Soline, France

Riot police, Sainte-Soline, France – French Gendarme

Gendarme condemns ecologists’ use of firecrackers and axes against reservoirs


More than 6,000 environmental protesters gathered in the town of Sainte-Soline in midwest France this Saturday to protest the construction of agricultural dams and defend the water cycle.

During the demonstrations there were serious clashes with the police, which led to the arrest of at least eleven people. Also, according to the newspaper ‘Le Figaro’, there are five demonstrators, at least one of whom was seriously injured by the sighting.

In addition, the gendarmerie noticed that the protesters were using pyrotechnic explosives, petanque cannons, Molotov cocktails, iron rods and axes in recent clashes with agents. According to the police force, “at least a thousand” violent activists were “prepared to fight the police”.

Agents used tear gas and water cannon as protesters hurled objects. According to the French television BFMTV, at least 11 people were arrested, two Gendarmerie vehicles were set on fire and a photographer was injured. There are 7 detainees among those detained.

The Interior Ministry condemned the demonstrators’ “very violent attacks” on agents who intervened to “contain the attacks of several hundred extremists”.

Earlier, the Province of Deux-Sèvres had warned that “at least 1,000 heavily equipped members of violent groups dressed entirely in black are ready to fight the police forces.”

Petanque cannons, axes, gas cans, machetes and knives were seized at police checks on Friday, and the Governor’s Office has decided to ban any gatherings in Sainte-Soline this weekend.

Source: Noti Merica

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