Somalia.- Somalia reports 3,000 al-Shabaab militants killed in last six months

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The Somali government reported this Saturday that the Army has killed 3,000 militants from the jihadist group Al Shabaab in the past six months.

“The Federal Government of Somalia, led by President Hassan Sheikh Mahmud, wishes to announce that more than 3,000 Al Shabaab Kharijite (deviant) have been killed and 3,700 injured since the start of military operations against the government-led group, “, a statement from the Ministry of Information of Somalia .

During this period, he stressed, 70 towns “with the support of the people were liberated from the hands of the Kharijites”, a preliminary step for the imminent “second phase” of the military action.

“The al-Shabaab terrorist organization continues to be defeated on fronts across the country, and the Federal Government is preparing a major security attack in the capital Mogadishu to ensure that fugitive terrorists do not harm the city or civilians in retaliation.” Additional.

The Somali government reiterated its “commitment” for the military offensive to “strictly comply with its obligations under International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Islamic law and the rules of war”.

Source: Noti Merica

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