O.Next.- Hamas condemns the construction of new Israeli settlements in the West Bank

An Israeli settlement in the West Bank – Europa Press/Contact/Nasser Ishtayeh


This Saturday, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned the approval of 1,000 new homes in Israel’s settlements of Efrat and Beitar Illit in Bethlehem and Gilo in East Jerusalem.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem is quoted by the news portal as “the continuation of the aggressive policy of Judaization against our people and our lands, and a message to those who want to make security and political deals with this murderous enemy.” Jerusalem.

Qassem thus referred to the recent agreement reached between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli authorities, which includes a four-month moratorium on the announcement of new Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The Hamas spokesperson therefore urged the Palestinian Authority to “abandon the absurd path of security coordination that serves only its own interests at the expense of our legitimate national rights”.

In addition, Hamas urged the international community and the UN to take responsibility and take effective measures to end the occupation and “crimes against our people, our lands and our holy places”.

Israeli NGO Peace Now on Friday denounced the Israeli government’s agreement to build 1,029 homes in the West Bank: 940 in Efrat and Beitar Illit and 89 more in East Jerusalem.

Source: Noti Merica

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