Islamic Jihad announced that a high-ranking agent was killed in an alleged Israeli operation in Damascus (Syria).

Archive – 27 January 2023, Palestinian Territories, Gaza City: Palestinian supporters of the Islamic Jihad movement hold flags and banners at a rally in solidarity with Jenin camp against Israel’s military operations that have killed at least nine people – Mohammed Talaten/dpa – File


The Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad announced this Sunday that one of its main agents was killed in an alleged Israeli operation in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to a statement from the organization published by the Israeli newspaper ‘Yedioth Aharonoth’, the identity of the deceased is 31-year-old Ali Ramzi al Eswad, who was shot dead this morning in an operation “with the traces of Israeli occupiers”.

The group describes Al Aswad as a “leader” specializing in “engineering” before becoming “the organization’s senior commander”. According to the ‘Times of Israel’ newspaper, no further details are given in the note and information from the Syrian media is limited to stating that the operation took place in the Qudssaya neighbourhood.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while regularly attending the weekly Cabinet, disapproved of the operation and limited himself to stating that “anyone who tries to harm Israeli citizens will pay with their lives.” “

The operation took place one day after the rocket launched by the Palestinian organization at Israel hit an open area and during the Palestinian-Israeli security summit in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt), which did not have the support of the terrorist. group.

Source: Noti Merica

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