France.- Macron records worst approval rating since protests “yellow vests”

French President Emmanuel Macron -Peter Kneffel/dpa


Public support for the work of French President Emmanuel Macron has fallen to lows not seen since the US marches. “yellow vests” At the beginning of 2019, due to the rejection of the pension reform plan, which resulted in numerous demonstrations in various cities of the country, primarily in Paris, which resulted in hundreds of arrests.

An Ifop poll for ‘Le Journal du Dimanche’ indicates that only 28 percent of French voters approve of Macron’s policy, four points less than last month. Another facet of pension reform, the country’s prime minister, Elisabeth Borne, remains supportive of last month’s lows of just 29 percent.

Borne is playing a role in the no-confidence motion that will be discussed in Parliament on Monday. If successful, the reform will be canceled and Borne will be forced to step down.

The poll also reflects that Macron’s popularity has continued to decline since late last year, down eight points since December, according to Sunday’s poll.

“This is a very bad sequence for the executive couple.”says Frédéric Dabi, managing director of Ifop, emphasizing that with these results Macron’s approval falls under a psychological barrier represented by 30 percent approval.

Source: Noti Merica

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