Kenya Police bans “mother of all protests” called by opposition member Raila Odinga this Monday

March 16, 2023, Kenya, Nakuru: Former Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga is seen playing the Kenyan National Anthem at her anti-government rally at the Mazembe Grounds. Photograph: Images via James Wakibia/SOPA ZUMA Press Wire/dpa – James Wakibia/Stick Pictures Via Zu / dpa


After declaring last year’s election rigged, the Kenyan National Police has outlawed a massive protest against the government this Sunday by opposition leader Raila Odinga, which resulted in the victory of her current rival, her major political rival. the country’s president, William Ruto.

Odinga announced last week that Monday’s march in Nairobi, whose route was not disclosed less than 24 hours after the rally, “mother of all protests” and the culmination of recent demonstrations, but details are expected in the next few hours.

Sources close to Odinga hint that the march could pass through the Kenyan capital’s financial centre, which could force dozens of businesses and shops to close in the face of possible unrest.

Thus, Adamson Bungei, the commander of the Nairobi National Police, said this Sunday that the search for tomorrow “violating the requirements of the Public Order Act” because, according to a statement compiled by ‘The Nation’ newspaper, the organizers in this case, Odinga, did not inform the march’s particular route the required three days in advance.

Police announced a strong deployment that would restrict access to various corporate venues in the country, including the state Parliament, where the demonstration could end.

The protests came after the end of the ultimatum that Odinga gave to the country’s president, William Ruto, to present election servers data during last year’s August elections.

The elections were decided by the country’s Supreme Court, with an opinion unanimously supported by the seven judges who made up the court, but Odinga categorically rejected the decision and for months accused Ruto of wasting no time as well. rising prices and “tax all kenyans”.

Source: Noti Merica

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