Kuwait.- Kuwait’s Constitutional Court annulled the 2022 legislative elections

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In another part of the open crisis between the Government and the country’s legislative power, Kuwait’s Constitutional Court ruled this Sunday to cancel the 2022 legislative elections and re-establish the composition of the previous parliament.

In the court decision published by the official news agency Kuwaiti KUNA, “The Court decided to invalidate the election process that took place last September due to the contradictions displayed in the decree regarding the dissolution of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 2020.”

Last year’s elections were characterized by the extraordinary victories of opposition candidates, including Islamists, and the strengthening of formations such as the Islamic Constitutional Movement, the Kuwaiti branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the world’s most important Islamic organizations.

This decision comes two weeks after Kuwait’s Emir, Nauaf al Ahmed al Sabá, reappointed former Prime Minister Ahmed Nauaf al Ahmed al Sabá to form the new government after the previous cabinet resigned due to numerous frictions with the Parliament.

This stalemate has hampered the wealthy Persian Gulf oil producer’s efforts to reduce its massive dependence on crude oil and push for fiscal reforms, including a debt law that allows Kuwait to access international markets and an additional provision for citizens to buy debt from the government. .

Source: Noti Merica

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