USA.- Mike Pence responded to Trump’s possible arrest in Stormy Daniels case: “No one is above the law”

February 24, 2023, USA, Austin: Former US Vice President Mike Pence delivers a foreign policy speech in front of one hundred graduate students and professors at the University of Texas on the first anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war. Photo: Bob Daemmrich/ZU – Bob Daemmrich/ZUMA Press Wire/dp / DPA

Republicans and former Trump allies talk about possible arrest of former US president


Mike Pence, former Vice President of the United States, said this. “No one is above the law”when asked about the possibility of former President Donald Trump being arrested as part of an investigation into his alleged bribery of porn actress Stephanie Clifford, nicknamed Stormy Daniels.

“Convinced that President Trump will succeed”In statements compiled by ‘The Hill’, Pence expressed his dismay at Trump’s call to mobilize his supporters, adding: “We respect the right of Americans to have their voices heard and express disappointment at the seemingly politically motivated atrocities.”.

“However, we want to send a clear message that violence will not be tolerated and that anyone who commits violent acts will be prosecuted by law.”added.

Despite his comments, he stressed his disagreement with possible detention and argued that: “The idea of ​​impeaching the former president of the United States” You “deeply worried”.


Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who has already shown his willingness to testify in the Stormy Daniels trial, said this new case… “war cry” It sounds very similar to what he posted from his old client before the riots in the US Capitol on Jan.

“It would be wise for Donald to write ‘peaceful protest’, but he doesn’t want a peaceful protest, he wants another violent riot on his behalf.”He told MSNBC.

On the other hand, the leader of the United States House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy posted in a Twitter message that he supported the former president and rejected the Manhattan District Attorney conducting the investigation: “Here we go again – the dramatic abuse of power by a radical district attorney who allows violent criminals to escape while pursuing a political vendetta against President Trump”.

Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene also sent a message that provided Trump’s approval. “will win even more” He threatens Republicans who support the arrest, more than he would have done if the arrest took place: “They will be publicly disclosed and remembered, ridiculed and punished by the public.”.

Another Republican who supported Trump’s re-election in 2024, James David (JD) Vance, responded to the question whether he would withdraw his support if he was eventually arrested: “Hell no, politically motivated persecution only strengthens Trump’s argument”.

Source: Noti Merica

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