Germany.- German CSU to challenge electoral reform law as unconstitutional

March 13, 2023, Bavaria, Munich: CSU president and Bavarian prime minister Markus Soeder attends a press conference at the CSU party headquarters after a virtual video conference of the CSU board of directors. Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa -Peter Kneffel/dpa


The conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) party announced that it will bring the election reform law to the German Constitutional Court, which proposes the abolition of the Bundestag, which will change the number of deputies of the Bundestag, the Lower House of the German Parliament. 736 to 630.

Its leader and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder announced that he will appeal the law, which was approved by the votes of the three parties of the governing coalition this Friday, calling it an “attack on democracy and federalism”. , in statements collected by the German agency DPA.

“To democracy, because in the future directly elected deputies will no longer sit in the German Bundestag, but other bodies will decide. And on federalism, because probably all regions like Bavaria will no longer be part of it,” he denounced. .

According to the conservative leader, this measure aims to weaken the opposition and will result in the CSU’s “basic denial of its right to exist”.

The Bundestag was increased to 736 seats after the 2021 general elections. This was the highest number ever, due to compromises made to avoid “orphan constituencies” where the first candidate was not elected by direct vote.

The number of constituencies will remain at 299, but 331 powers will be assigned through federal state lists instead of the originally planned 299.

The aim is to minimize the number of deputies who win a constituency by the first vote and fail to enter the Bundestag.

Source: Noti Merica

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