Colombia.- Colombian opposition warns Petro labor reform will hurt workers and businessmen

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Álvaro Uribe Vélez, leader of the Colombian opposition party Centro Democrático, questioned the labor reform announced this Saturday by President Gustavo Petro’s government, thinking it would have temporary benefits, first exciting the workers and then disappointing them.

“It creates a more than 30 percent increase in labor costs for the small business that employs 78 percent of Colombian workers,” Uribe said during an action taken by his party’s Caracol Radio station.

He added that, in current terms, formal employment will not be created due to excessive costs and regulations. Venezuela, where unemployment causes immigration.

“This puts us in a situation in Venezuela, where work regulations become unenforceable and workers offer themselves for food. Only 34 percent have a job, which would be more serious if it weren’t for the 6 million Venezuelans leaving the country,” said the former president.

He also mentioned the rule that reduces the weekly working hours. “The law that we propose to reduce the weekly working time from 48 hours to 42 hours per week is coming into effect gradually this year, which requires a cost for companies and a joint effort with workers to increase productivity. Proposed reform like this. “Although it may only benefit a small group of workers in the long run, there will be no one in the future who would dare to dismantle it,” he said.

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