Turkey.- The death toll from earthquakes in Turkey is close to 50,000.

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Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay on Saturday reported the latest death toll from the earthquakes that occurred on February 6, in which at least 49,589 people, including 6,807 foreign nationals, lost their lives.

At the ceremony held at the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), Oktay said, “Due to earthquakes, we lost a total of 49,589 citizens, of which 6,807 were foreigners.”

Also, according to Oktay, who emphasized that there is no electricity problem “except for a few subscribers” in Adıyaman, there are still 3 people missing. Work continues to restore the water service.

Regarding the displaced, he said, “Our priority right now is for them to have a roof, to encourage food and events to revitalize cities,” he said. Thus, tents and containers set up as houses continue to be built.

So far, 354 makeshift camps have been set up, with 480,000 tents housing 1.9 million people. In addition, there are 108,155 planned containers and 245 container spaces, of which 25,000 are installed and can accommodate 96,444 people.

On the other hand, reminding that 2.5 million people ate 3 meals a day with the intervention of the state and NGOs while the preparations for the holy month of Ramadan were going on, Oktay said:

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