O.Next.- Israelis and Palestinians will take part in a new security summit in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) this Sunday

File view of the Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank – Ilya Yefimovich/dpa

The meeting will focus on reducing tensions before Ramadan due to the lack of medium-term expectations.


Senior Israeli and Palestinian security officials will meet in the Egyptian spa town of Sharm el-Sheikh next Sunday for the second part of the security summit, which began three weeks ago in Aqaba, Jordan.

Expectations about this new meeting were in the air after the Jordanian summit, which was also characterized by the participation of Egyptian and Iranian officials, ended with both sides’ commitments to reduce violence in the West Bank, which has since failed according to recorded events. area.

For now, security sources, on condition of anonymity, have told Egyptian newspaper ‘Al Ahram’ that the Sharm el-Sheikh summit will aim to draw up a short-term plan specifically for the start of Ramadan on Tuesday of next week. income

If possible, they add, the Palestinians and Israelis will try to reinforce the commitments made in Jordan. Since then, at least 18 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli army operations. Three more Israelis have been killed in Palestinian attacks in recent days.

While Israel backed down on its promise in Aqaba to halt settlement development, the Islamist Hamas movement and Islamic Jihad terrorist group boycotted the Palestinian government’s call to temporarily cease hostilities against the Israeli people and forces.

The alleged resumption of planned security arrangements in Jordan between Palestinians and Israelis also does not appear to have had any effect.

As in Aqaba, the Israeli delegation will be headed by National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi; Ronen Bar, head of the Israeli national intelligence service Shin Bet, and General Ghasan Alian, Israel’s main military liaison with the Palestinians.

For the part corresponding to the Palestinian delegation, the delegation will be chaired by Hussein al-Sheikh, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Authority, and Mayed Faraj, Head of the Intelligence Agency.

Source: Noti Merica

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