French Police disperse thousands of protesters in Paris for protests against pension reform

FILED – March 16, 2023, France, Paris: Police officers call 49.3 to approve government pension reform. He stands guard during a protest in the Place de la Concorde after the substance was used. Photo: Gerard Cambon/Le Picorium Agency via ZUMA/dpa – Gerard Cambon/Le Picorium Agency / dpa


French Police dispersed about 4,000 demonstrators this Friday, who gathered at Place de la Concorde in the capital, Paris, to protest the pension reform approved by the National Assembly on Thursday.

French security forces have so far detained eight people in the context of clashes where protesters hurled cobblestones, flares and other objects to repel agents, Le Figaro newspaper reported.

It didn’t take long for the loads to arrive. At first, demonstrators gathered peacefully with banners and megaphones, then burned containers, climbed poles and set up barricades to prevent police from passing.

Outside of Paris, dozens of people took to the streets of other French cities, such as Marseille or Bordeaux, where security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd, TF1 Info reported.

French Police arrested 310 people on Thursday night amid protests following the National Assembly’s approval of the government-promoted pension reform, according to the Interior Ministry’s balance sheet.

In the context of demonstrations and strikes, different opposition parties submitted a motion of no confidence this Friday against the Macron Executive Committee against the Government’s decision to appeal to Article 49.3 of the Constitution to avoid a reform vote in the Lower House. now they are not adding enough support for him to take the lead.

Source: Noti Merica

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