Mauritania.- Protests over the death of a human rights activist in Mauritania due to alleged police brutality

MADRID, 12 February (EUROPA PRESS) –

The death of human rights activist (DDHH) Souvi Ould Chein in Mauritania under unknown circumstances and alleged police brutality triggered numerous protests in Dar-Naim town of Nouakchott this Sunday.

The Mauritanian authorities dispersed the demonstrators this Sunday, who arrived at the gates of the Dar-Neim 2 police station, where Souvi Ould Chein was arrested last Thursday, to protest.

According to the local newspaper ‘MauriWeb’, so far human rights organizations, political figures and civil society have insisted on an investigation to clarify the causes of Souvi Ould Cheine’s death.

The family of the young human rights defender, who is very active on social networks, claimed that he was interrogated at the police station shortly after his arrest and died due to the ill-treatment he received. One of his sisters assured him that his dead body was transported by agents to the Cheikh Zayed hospital in Nouakchot, which showed signs of torture.

According to RFI, Maitre Fatimata Mbaye, president of the Mauritanian Human Rights Association (AMDH), condemned this “unbearable act” and urged the Mauritanian authorities to clarify what happened.

In statements made by the RFI, opposition lawmaker and human rights defender Biram Dah Abeid joined him, who wanted to “assure Mauritanians that torture is truly seen as a crime against humanity by the State and its various organs”.

Source: Noti Merica

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