Ukraine.- Ukraine condemns the build-up of Russian troops in Port and Bakhmut

Ukrainian artillery near Bakhmut – / Pictures of Madeleine Kelly/SOPA via DPA

MADRID, 11 February (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Ukrainian Army warned this Saturday that Russia is gathering forces in the Liman and Bakhmut regions and Donetsk and Lugansk regions with the intention of launching an offensive, but the front remains stable for the time being.

“Air Force and Defense personnel attacked 16 collection points where the occupiers’ military personnel and supplies were located, as well as two anti-aircraft defense systems,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a statement on Facebook.

The General Staff said, “In addition, our defense forces shot down a Su-25 aircraft and an Orlan type UAV. Our missile and artillery units attacked 4 areas where the soldiers were concentrated during the day.”

In addition, Kiev condemned the constant Russian attacks on vital infrastructure and civilian targets, including the homes of the civilian population. Specifically, it recorded the impact of seven missiles and 23 air strikes, as well as 15 strikes from rocket launch systems.

Regarding the involvement of the Wagner mercenary group, Ukraine assures that there are about 1,200 mercenaries already fighting in the country and recruited in prisons in the Crimea region.

Source: Noti Merica

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