AMP.- Peru.- The Peruvian Congress approves a new report proposing that Castillo be charged with corruption

File – Pedro Castillo, ex-president of Peru. – Europa Press/Contact/El Comercio – Archive


The plenum of the Peruvian Congress approved the final report of the audit commission, which recommended constitutionally condemning former president Pedro Castillo, this time for allegedly committing crimes of corruption in the implementation of a number of investment projects in three rural areas.

The initiative, which came out with 61 votes in favor, 34 against and 4 abstentions, argues that Castillo will lead a criminal organization that will include his wife, Lilia Paredes Navarro, for whom the prosecutor’s office recently requested an eight-year prison sentence. jail for these acts

According to this commission, he would be subject to the crimes of collusion, trading of influence and activities incompatible with the position while carrying out various investment projects in accordance with an emergency decree in the municipalities of Castillo, Anguia, Chachapoyas and Chadín. Republic’.

According to the congressman of Fuerza Popular Héctor Ventura, chairman of this commission, there are “indicative elements” that Castillo will receive 4 million soles (€1 million), according to the version of someone else, a consultant from those investigated. To Salatiel Marrufo Alcántara, Ministry of Housing.

The complaint of former Housing Minister Geiner Alvarado López is also recommended for the same accusations. Other participants in this alleged criminal network are the aforementioned Marrufo Alcántara, former mayor of Anguía José Medina Guerrero and Hugo Espino Lucana under investigation.

Source: Noti Merica

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