Brazil’s Supreme Court accused former President Fernando Collor de Mello of corruption.

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Brazil’s Supreme Court concluded this Thursday the case against former president Fernando Collor de Mello, who was convicted of passive corruption and money laundering from 2010-2014 while he was a senator.

But judges must determine the length of sentence and eligibility conditions, which will be voted on next Wednesday. Lawyer Edson Fachin requested a sentence of 33 years, while the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) offered 22 years and eight months in prison when filing the complaint.

During the trial, Collor’s legal team sought his acquittal, arguing that the Attorney General’s accusations were based on third-party statements and did not provide any evidence incriminating the former senator. Last week, Collor’s attorney, Marcelo Bessa, stated that “the facts stated did not occur as stated in the complaint.” In addition, the defense can appeal to the Supreme Court.

The former president and former senator is accused of bribery in a corruption scheme at BR Distribuidora, a subsidiary of Petrobras. According to Judge Fachin, evidence indicates that Collor influenced the company’s board of directors from 2010 to 2014, which led to the signing of contracts between the state firm and construction company UTC. The prosecution claims that the accused received 20 million Brazilian Reals (3.7 million Euros) in return.

The magistrate stated that the defendant’s guilt was aggravated, “because belonging to an organized crime syndicate, usually by someone who has the public’s trust, requires a much more intense condemnation than if the power was exercised by an ordinary citizen.”

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