Chile/Venezuela.- Boric appoints new ambassador to Venezuela after tensions over immigration issues

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Chilean President Gabriel Boric appointed Jaime Gazmuri Mujica as Venezuela’s new ambassador on Thursday, in an effort to bring positions closer after recent months of tensions over the migrant situation in the region.

Gazmuri Mujica, who is currently a member of the Advisory Council of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and vice-chairman of the Standing Forum for Foreign Policy, served as Chile’s ambassador to Brazil from 2014 to 2018.

Relations between Chile and Venezuela have experienced ups and downs in recent months. In March, Boric’s government accused Caracas of not cooperating with the repatriation of its citizens to the border. “We’ve had deportations that have been going on for months, and we haven’t been able to coordinate flight plans to make them effective,” said Interior Minister Carolina Tohá.

In response, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil responded by reassuring that Venezuela had not received “a request for coordinated work with the Government of Chile on the alleged deportation of citizens”.

Weeks later, Chilean officials took advantage of the Ibero-American Summit held in the Dominican Republic to hold meetings with Venezuelan representatives and take up positions seeking better coordination on immigration issues.

Source: Noti Merica

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