Ibero-American leaders urge the international community to join forces in favor of Haiti

File – File image of a military patrol guarding the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti – JOSE A. IGLESIAS / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT PHOTO


Ibero-American leaders voiced their concerns over the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, while urging the international community to join forces to “find a way out” of the situation.

The concluding statement of the summit held in Santo Domingo states, “We reiterate our deep concern for the gradual worsening of the public safety and humanitarian situation in the Republic of Haiti” and calls for the community’s efforts to be based on “principles”. Solidarity and international cooperation with Haiti’s consent and participation”.

Expressing their solidarity with the Haitian people “in the face of this shocking reality”, the leaders drew attention to the efforts at different levels at sub-regional, regional and international levels in the dialogue process between the government, the opposition and the government. other social actors

“We appreciate the tremendous efforts made by the Government of the Dominican Republic and other Ibero-American countries to contribute to a solution to the difficult humanitarian situation that the sister Republic of Haiti is going through,” they said.

The UN Human Rights Office warned this month that escalating violence in the Caribbean country has claimed the lives of more than 530 people so far this year, claiming that this “extreme” violence appears to have been going on for months. control”.

Marta Hurtado, spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner, warned that armed gangs are taking on any action that is becoming “more violent and more frequent” to expand their sphere of influence.

“Many of the victims were killed or injured by snipers, who allegedly opened fire randomly at people in their homes or on the streets,” Hurtado said after High Commissioner Volker Türk confirmed the severity of the incident ‘on the spot’ in February. situation.

Recent political and humanitarian crises in Haiti have left nearly five million people, half of the country’s population, in severe famine. It is a picture that has worsened as a result of the territorial war between a coalition of gangs in the region.

Source: Noti Merica

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