Argentine ambassador in Ecuador accuses Lasso government of lying to cover up “own inefficiency”

Gabriel Fuks, Argentina’s Ambassador to Ecuador – VILLALOBOSLAILA / WIKIMEDIA PARTNERS


Gabriel Fuks, Argentina’s Ambassador to Ecuador, accused the Ecuadorian government of lying. “cover up your own inefficiency” after being expelled from the country for allegedly allowing María de los Ángeles Duarte Pesantes, the former Ecuadorian minister convicted of corruption.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’, Fuks expressed anger at his expulsion from Quito after being declared persona non grata for Duarte’s alleged co-operation in his escape from the country, accusing the Director of Guillermo Lasso. “Lie” to cover his responsibility for the escape.

Until this Friday, the Argentine ambassador in Quito argued that he was walking or swimming outside the Embassy on the weekend of the flight. “What someone was doing over the weekend was not paying attention to Duarte’s movements.”He added, emphasizing that there is no diplomatic delegation. “a prison”.

“No delay. He had not escaped from a prison: he was a refugee at the Argentine Embassy, ​​he had the right to asylum, he was free to go whenever he wanted.”He stressed and denied accusations that there was little security at the Embassy on the day of the escape.

Meanwhile, Fuks drew attention to the newspaper in question: “there is a fashion” in the region “very weak governments that believe diplomacy is the first link to cut”. He cited the expulsion of the Mexican ambassador from Peru or the expulsion from Ecuador as an example.

“We did not withdraw the ambassador when Bolsonaro insulted the president (Alberto Fernández)! The idea to show that he has muscles like the impeached Minister of Foreign Affairs (Juan Carlos) Holguín and that they are lying. Use this status and me to build an enemy when they fall”He asserted that the approval of the Ecuadorian government is below ten percent.

Ecuadorian diplomacy supported the decision to expel the ambassador in Article 9 of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. “performance guarantee” in acting “According to the principles of International Law”.

María de los Ángeles Duarte (2010-2013), former Minister of Transport in the Government of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), fled the Argentine Embassy in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where she was placed under asylum last Monday. she was sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption she. After Duarte escaped, he arrived in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, where he met with the Argentine ambassador, Óscar Laborde.

Ecuadorian officials suspect that the former minister left the Embassy in a diplomatic car with the help of the Embassy itself, something Argentina denies.

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso will meet with his Argentine counterpart at the Ibero-American summit to be held in the Dominican Republic on March 24 and 25.

Source: Noti Merica

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