Brazil.- Bolsonaro’s son plans to run for mayor of Rio de Janeiro


Flávio Bolsonaro, son of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, admitted this Friday that he plans to run for mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro and forwarded his decision to his political group, the Liberal Party.

“Today, I’m putting my name in the Liberal Party,” the former president’s son said in an interview with ‘Folha de S. for the 2024 elections.

Bolsonaro, now a senator, has emerged as an alternative to his fellow Senator Carlos Portinho and General Walter Braga Netto, both from the Liberal Party and running for mayor of the Brazilian city.

The former president’s son emphasized that “the most appropriate name” should be analyzed, saying, “If there were an election today, I would ask this group to support me in my candidacy for mayor.”

“Once again, we made a decision as a group because the name Bolsonaro makes a great statement in Rio de Janeiro. An election that has a much higher chance of success,” he added.

In the 2022 presidential election, Bolsonaro beat Lula (PT) in the capital city of Rio de Janeiro by a 5.3 percent margin. The city is currently led by Eduardo Paes, a member of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) who is likely to be approved for a new nomination of President Lula da Silva’s Workers’ Party (PT).

Source: Noti Merica

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