Monfils returns to the slopes in Rotterdam with the TR 960 Control Tour from Artengo

Archive – Monfils returns to the slopes in Rotterdam with Artengo’s TR 960 Control Tour. – DEKATLON – Archive

MADRID, 10 February (EUROPE PRESS) –

French tennis player Gael Monfils is preparing with his new racket, the model TR 960 Control Tour from Artengo, for his return to the tennis court after his serious ankle injury last August during the Rotterdam 2023 tournament.

This is the first piece that Monfils has created together with Artengo, Decathlon’s tennis brand. The collaboration between Monfils and Artengo announced last January 2022 has taken shape in the creation of this racket, designed to provide maximum control without sacrificing power.

The French tennis player relies on the 18×20 version for his matches and training because of the greater control. With a swingweight of 285 and a flex of 62ra, the TR 960 Control Tour offers impact stability and control thanks to its slim 22mm profile, 630cm airframe and 305g weight.

The MPO technology distributes the mass evenly over the racket, which provides more stability and manageability. In addition, the TR 960 Control Tour is available in a 16×19 version that offers extra power for the most aggressive players.

Source: Noti Merica

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