Rubiales opens the XI Legal Conference of ‘La Roja’ in Granada on the new sports law

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, opens the XI Legal Conference of ‘La Roja’ in Granada on the new sports law. -RFEF

MADRID, 10 February (EUROPE PRESS) –

The President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, inaugurated this Friday the XI Legal Conference of La Roja, held at the Bar Association of Granada and in which experts in the field discussed the recently approved Sports Law.

The Dean of the Bar Association of Granada (ICAGR), Leandro Cabrera, and the General Secretary of the University of Granada (UGR), María Asunción Torres López, attended the inauguration ceremony, along with the President of the RFEF.

The academic program, led by Deputy Secretary General of the RFEF, Miguel García Caba, and Ignacio Jiménez Soto, Professor of Administrative Law and Director of CDD-UGR, consisted of three round tables with the participation of specialists in the field.

The first table discussed ‘The disciplinary power and conflict resolution in the new Sports Act: state of affairs and future perspective’. The second was entitled ‘The new sports law and sports entities: news and challenges’. And in the third, the emphasis is on ‘Current legal issues in Spanish football: practicalities, jurisprudence and recent doctrine from national and international bodies’.

Luis Rubiales thanked the ICAGR and the UGR for their involvement in the conference, noting that the debate is always enriching and that the new sports law invites many opinions.

“The rigidity of the text must be adapted to all the needs of the parties involved, it is a very broad debate. Here are the best specialists to deal with a very interesting subject and for us it is a real honor to be here Training is a priority in the sport and the RFEF stands out for that too,” he said.

Source: Noti Merica

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