Valencia Basket crashes in Belgrade

Xabi Lopez-Arostegui – Irina R. Hipolito / Afp7 / Europa Press

Valencia Basket crashes in Belgrade

Those of Mumbrú start with their sixth defeat in the last seven games to say goodbye to the ‘play-offs’


Valencia Basket (92-73) gave (92-73) this Wednesday a big step behind their visit to the Red Star on matchday 31 of the Euroleague in the complicated search for the ‘Top 8’, which despite the fact that there are still three days to close .

The ‘taronja’ box was overcome by the good inside play of the locals and also failed to have the success of the Serbs. The Red Star controlled the rhythm of the game and gave no option to a Valencia that remains 14-17, two wins from the playoffs zone and with the day still to go.

Despite not playing this European season, Dusko Ivanovic’s side took the lead at half-time (46-41) with that effective play in the paint and with Hassan Martin being the most appreciated. Facundo Campazzo was that handle that led the game, despite his losses in the first half.

The Argentine signed 15 points and 7 assists to extend the Serbian fan’s recent good taste in the Aleksandar Nikolic Hall and helped decide in a final quarter without a ‘taronja’ fight (23-11). The visiting defense didn’t hold up, lost the rebound and couldn’t close on the outside either, blaming Kyle Alexander for the loss.

With the sixth defeat in seven games, Valencia is starting to realize that the crosses for the ‘Final Four’ are a long way off. Mumbrú’s team had its best days, with little from Harper and Jones, with López-Arostegui and a breakthrough from Radebaugh, excellent starters. Valencia needed a step forward that never came

However, Ivanovic’s artillery, Petrusev, went to 20 points, stopped working almost at will, in a game without a clear rhythm that made the Spanish team uncomfortable. Valencia had neither points nor defense to cling to the play-offs, a bad image that tastes like goodbye.


–RESULT: RED STAR, 92 – VALENCIA BASKET, 73. (46-41, at half time).


RED STAR: Campazzo (15), Vildoza (9), Lazarevic (-), Petrusev (20) and Martin (7) –starting five– Mitrovic (6), Bentil (10), Markovic (-), Ivanovic ( 3), Holland (6), Dobric (16).

VALENCIA BASKET: Jones (12), Evans (-), Radebaugh (14), Puerto (2), Web III (3) and Dubljevic (5) –from five–; Harper (12), Claver (10), López-Arostegui (10), Pradilla (2), Hermannsson (-), Rivero (3).

–PARTICLES: 20-21, 26-20, 23-21, 23-11.

–REFEREES: Difallah, Pastusiak and Shemmesh. No removed.

–HALL: Aleksandar Nikolic Hall.

Source: Noti Merica

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