Kepa: “I’ve had a difficult period that I’ve had to endure”

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“These two years without coming, I was left feeling like that’s what I wanted to be”


The goalkeeper of the Spanish national team Kepa Arrizabalaga acknowledged on Tuesday that he was a “complicated period” which he had to face and eventually learned from not playing as a starter at Chelsea and without joining the national team, in the days of previous coach Luis Enrique Martínez.

“I went through a more complicated period, I had never stopped playing in my life and I had to play less minutes. I had to face it, I went home with a calm head and the feeling that I had given everything and it was the first step. I worked to turn it around”he pointed to a press conference, refocusing on Spain.

During that time of substitutions and not being called up by Luis Enrique, the goalkeeper took the opportunity to improve and turn the situation around. “I had the opportunity to use it (the situation) to improve and more time without games gives you more time to work on yourself, on the details that you did worse”he acknowledged.

“I see it as something positive, within an unpleasant situation. He saw every game as a great opportunity. Now the coach trusts me every weekend and I try to take everything I improved in day by day”said Kepa, who could also start with Spain, in Luis de la Fuente’s first game as coach, although Unai Simón is absent due to injury.

From Luis Enrique’s previous stage, he acknowledged that everything that happened with the Asturian was discussed. “In those two years and something without coming because every call left me feeling like I would have loved to be. But the situation was clear to me and I spoke to Luis Enrique and although he didn’t play for my club I understood that I didn’t have the chance to come here.”I agree with that.

“Each player and situation is independent. At the time of the last call, you already have a base team and it is more difficult to change. I assumed more and my first step was to regain ownership in my team”commented on that period of absence.

Now, however, he’s ready to return to defend the Reds. “I look prepared and excited. Of course I want to play, but it is a question for the coach, who decides. I have to be prepared, as best I can, and if I get the chance, take advantage of it.”argument.

The first challenge is Norway, who will be without its main star, Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, due to injury. “It seems that Haaland is not going to play, he is a very important player who influences his team and us because of the way he plays. But they have Odegaard and other players that we will have to check”warning.

“He is clearly a player who makes the difference in every game, he scores a lot of goals. But it also marks a lot of what his team does. He is still an area player, unstoppable in the last meters, but he intervenes less in the creation. It’s better he’s not there, but another attacker comes forward who will try to get it right and change nuance”he stressed about Haaland.

“Starting each ranking by winning already marks the way. The first games are very important. It’s a game we play for our fans and we should take advantage of. It’s going to be tough, with a new coach and new ideas to adapt. We’re going to have to put all five senses into it”commented on the duel against the Norwegians.

On the other hand, when asked why De la Fuente asks the goalkeepers, he pointed out that they are things they have already acquired. “It’s only been a day and a half. We adapt to what the new coach wants, he keeps demanding that we help the defense line and have a good relationship with them, that we help with passing, that we watch the balls behind us and be a player more with the ball”revealed.

Source: Noti Merica

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