Valencia City Council, on the Mestalla agreement: “It will be signed when Valencia accepts the terms”

The Vice Mayor of Valencia and Councilor for Urban Development and Renewal, Sandra Gómez, called during the press conference to present the winner of the competition for the city’s southern green corridor. – PSPV VALENCIA CITY COUNCIL


The Vice Mayor of Valencia and Councilor for Urban Development and Renewal, Sandra Gómez, considered on Tuesday that the agreement to be signed by the City Council and Valencia CF for the construction of the Nou Mestalla and the transformation of the land that occupies the current stadium will his will sign when the football club “accept the city’s terms”as he has said, those who have been put forward by the consistory in the proposed agreement which he has handed over to the sports body.

When asked at the press conference, the also socialist spokesman in the consistory said that she has offered to announce the winning proposal of the competition for the design of the southern green corridor of Valencia because of the situation in which it finds itself. that agreement.

“The ball is in Valencia’s court”has indicated the town clerk, who has ensured that the document proposed by the town council “is the one who gives assurance” And “the one that should define the relationship between the city and Valencia CF, given the club’s history of non-compliance”.

Sandra Gómez has noted that the church council and the sports organization have continued to maintain “various technical meetings” and has detailed that between both parties “there were major substantive differences”while emphasizing that the consistory stood up “an agreement with things very clear” about “how to manage the city’s relationship with Valencia CF”.

Likewise, he recalled that this entity was responding to the consistory “with a completely different agreement that greatly compromised the security of the city” and has stated that answer “it was not a good move” by Valencia CF. “He presented us with an alternative agreement that created many uncertainties for the city”he insisted.

The vice mayor added that the city council has reiterated its position during the last technical meetings “on certain points he was immovable”after what he stated “It again depends on Valencia CF to accept the agreement as proposed by the city council”.

“Once they formally give us the green light, they can have the agreement signed”pointed out the head of Urban Development and Renewal. “The ball is in Valencia CF’s court, no matter how hard they try to create a different image”has emphasized.

In this sense, Gómez has specified that as those responsible for the sports entity “they have the will to finish the stadium” new “All you have to do is give your approval to the agreement proposed by the Valencia City Council”.

The municipal official added that, “except any qualification”the document presented by the local government “It is the one that should govern the relationship between the city and Valencia CF, especially given the club’s clear history of non-compliance with the city”. “It is the agreement that gives Valencia security”he insisted.

Sandra Gómez has indicated that this is her position, one she will defend “to the end, as I have done in these four years” last. “A position of coherence and of guaranteeing what is the security of the city. That is what we civil servants have to do: defend the public interest and positions that guarantee the legal certainty of the city” necessary “about the obligations of the club” with her, he explained.


That’s how he determined it “the agreement will be signed when Valencia CF actually accepts the terms of the city of Valencia” and asked that “no one is trying to mess with the opposite”. “You have it very easy, you just have to accept the agreement as we propose. Our position is the agreement we proposed at the beginning because it is the only one that guarantees and gives security to the City of Valencia and not the one they proposed”has an apostille.

The deputy mayor has pointed out that there could be “any clarification or question to improve”but has specified that in terms of “the philosophy and substantive issues, of the framework of what an agreement should be”the position is expressed by the city council. “We cannot share some of the issues revealed by the club in its agreement”What’s “a framework of rights and obligations”Gomez has decided.

Source: Noti Merica

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