Gavi gets a criminal record from the subsidiary after the judge rejects FC Barcelona’s appeal

Pablo Martin Gavi of FC Barcelona warms up during the Spanish Cup, Copa del Rey, semi-final soccer match played between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on March 2, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. – Oscar J. Barroso / AFP7 / Europa Press


The Commercial Court number 10 of Barcelona rejected FC Barcelona’s appeal against the decision of the same court that overturned the precautions to enroll the player Gavi in ​​the first team, so the midfielder must once again have a record from the Blaugrana subsidiary.

The judge “rejects FC Barcelona’s appeal against the decision of March 13, 2023” of the Lawyer of the Commercial Court 10 that annulled the registration of the player Gavi as a player of the first team.

Therefore, the court confirms the decision not to register the player with a first team record. “This decision may be appealed to the Barcelona Court,” the court said in the order.

With this new court setback, FC Barcelona player Gavi will be re-registered with Blaugrana’s subsidiary after the judge confirmed that the precautions that allowed the club against LaLiga to register the homegrown midfielder with the first team will last day of the winter market.

FC Barcelona appealed and ensured that the lawsuit was filed in order to obtain the precautions in a timely manner. However, the judge ruled that no, that the claim was submitted too late and that due to formal defects, the request to register Gavi with the first team cannot be taken into account.

The court was dated January 31, 2023, the day FC Barcelona was notified of the court decision to accept the precautions to register Gavi. But after LaLiga’s appeal which led the judge to re-examine the case, the deadline for the Blaugrana club to appeal the main claim was until March 1, and the club filed it on March 2, outside the deadline .

With this court decision, and on a sporting level, the Andalusian can continue to play normally in LaLiga Santander and the Copa del Rey. Of course, the number ‘6’, reserved for first-team players, could disappear from his shirt and the ’30’ should be returned.

The problem is that Gavi’s previous contract expired at the end of this season, and if the court rejects Gavi’s entry into the first team and LaLiga does not accept the new contract, signed in September 2022, the player could be fired in June released. .

On January 31, 2023, Barça was able to register Gavi with the first team – and with the new contract – thanks to the fact that the same court that now lifts the orders to arrive a day late gave the green light to the request of the blaugrana club light for your registration.

So for FC Barcelona, ​​the first resolution recognized LaLiga’s “dominant position” and considered that there was a “principle of legitimacy” in its claim and “that the non-registration of the player before the closing window would imply that the freedom of this and therefore a very serious and irreparable harm” to the entity.

Ahead of that verdict, LaLiga announced it would appeal the decision through the courts and confirmed that the Andalusian midfielder would be registered in the first team of FC Barcelona in accordance with the precautionary order.

Now, with LaLiga’s appeal accepted by Barcelona Mercantile Court number 10, and FC Barcelona’s subsequent appeal rejected, the registration would be canceled and Gavi would be re-registered, not to play, while the subsidiary awaits a subsequent court move from FC Barcelona, ​​who could take the case to the Barcelona Court.

Source: Noti Merica

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