How to Find the Right Plumber (Tips for Hiring a Professional Plumber)

How to Find the Right Plumber (Tips for Hiring a Professional Plumber)

You need a plumber, but finding the right plumber isn’t always easy. How to find a good plumber? Give priority to word of mouth, check your reputation, compare prices, and trust first contact, etc. will be the keys to finding a trusted professional. Here are our 7 tips for finding a good plumber for your job.

A water leak in the bathroom, a toilet that no longer works! In an emergency, finding a trusted and professional plumber to resolve a difficult situation is not easy but you can find on However, it is essential not to jump on the first number found in the directory. Otherwise, beware of workmanship, delays, to the abandonment of the site or the bills with exorbitant prices.

Use word of mouth

Recognizing a good plumber is difficult when you do not have any knowledge in this area. However, word of mouth remains a safe bet! Contact your neighbors, friends, family to find out if they know a good plumber who has already worked in their house or apartment. Among your relatives, one of them will certainly have a phone number or a name to give you. Or, you try it is a trusted and reliable plumbing service provider.

Rely on the first contact

An honest and reliable craftsman can understand the situation or the work to be done if you have been clear in your explanations. In case of emergency, he will offer you solutions and will be available quickly or may refer you to one of his colleagues, which proves his professionalism. He should be courteous, provide good advice, and be willing to answer all of your questions.

Compare prices

A good plumber is not going to take advantage of your misfortune to inflate the bill. Be wary if he offers to change your entire installation if it is recent for a simple repairable water leak, for example. If the rates seem too high to you, do not hesitate to compare the prices with other providers.

Check the reputation

Before contacting a professional plumber company recommended to you, take a few minutes to take a look at their online reputation.

  • Check the reviews on Google: with their name or that of their company, you can easily consult the ratings and comments left by their former customers. Enough to get a first idea of ​​his skills and the quality of his work.
  • Visit its website: this plumber may have a website, which proves his seriousness and professionalism. A good way to know a little more about his company and his professional career.

Check that the professional has all the necessary insurance and guarantees

Poor workmanship or scams do not only happen to others! So, before signing the estimate with a plumber, ask him to present his insurance and the guarantees to which he has subscribed like ten-year guarantee, two-year guarantee, etc.


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