Best Gaming Mouse Vs Normal Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Vs Normal Mouse

Today there are a lot of games available to play both offline and online. With the advancement in technology, many devices have been invented for gamers to play more efficiently along with the best gaming computers. A gaming mouse is one of these technologies that provide ease for game lovers that’s you get from In this era of internet gaming, it’s impossible to play games on PCs with a simple optical mouse. So, a gaming mouse is designed especially for gamers who do not want to lose games during live streaming. The competition for which a gaming mouse is necessary is called “Mouse Games” Its cost is probably more than a regular mouse. But the cost is justified when you become acquainted with its features and specifications.

Gaming mouse VS Normal mouse

There a question arises. What’s the difference between an ordinary mouse and a gaming mouse? Well, a gaming mouse does not rely on just clicks and points. It is more sensitive, more responsive, and faster with more buttons than an ordinary regular mouse. We will discuss some specifications of a gaming mouse that makes it more suitable for gaming than others.

Key-features of Gaming Mouse:

  • Sensor Quality or Sensitivity: The sensitivity of a gaming mouse is the one specialty that makes it distinguished from all other mice. Sensors of a gaming mouse define its accuracy and responsiveness. As compared to a regular mouse, which uses LED or optical sensors, it provides a better tracking system with its laser sensors. Its sensitivity is measure in dots per inch (DPI) for more info visit
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: Being a gamer, the user’s super grip and comfort matter. A gaming mouse provides a comfortable structure for a good gaming experience. As mentioned earlier that a gaming mouse has more buttons than a regular mouse. This feature allows its user to get more access and more control over the game relishes competition.
  • The polling rate of a gaming mouse- How often a mouse reports its position defines its polling rate. It is measure in hertz. For example, if a gaming mouse has a 100Hz polling rate, it means it reports its position every second. And a gaming mouse has probably high polling rate than a regular gaming mouse. That makes it clear that the gaming mouse is fast speed device.

Best Gaming Mouse:

Following are the current best gaming mouse with a fantastic shape and all-round features:

  • Razer Deathadder V2 (best-in-class ergonomics, optical mouse switch, flexible cable, a higher degree of control)
  • Corsair Ironclaw RGB (lightly weighted, ultra-durable Omron switches, ultra-accurate tracking, RGBs precise sensors)
  • Logitech G203 Lightsync (variety of vibrant colors, gaming-grade sensor)


To sum up, high cost and low latency rate are the two attributes that become a disadvantage of a gaming mouse. Might not everyone like to spend extra money on gaming? And might not everyone need a gaming mouse. But on the other spectrum, we cannot ignore its parameters and properties that make it a better choice. It’s not all about winning games, but you would feel good in your hand. So, if you are a professional gamer, a gaming mouse would become your priority.


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